Template XLSX Broadcast

You can use XLSX format files for the broadcast receivers you create. You can download the sample file in sample XLSX template



The "phone_number" column is used to refer to the intended recipient's number


The “header_url” field is used to replace media links when the header is of a different type than the text. Such as the type of image, document, and others


The "header_text" column is used to replace the variables contained in the header section if the header uses text type.


The column “body_text_[n]” is used to refer to the variable values contained in the body text. Where [n] refers to the column that represents the number of variables in the body of the text. Please replace [n] with a number according to the template you are using.


The "button_payload_[n]" column aims to replace the payload of the button if the type of button used is quick reply. Here, the symbol "[n]" indicates what column the button is at in the list of buttons.


  1. header_url will be used to replace the file link for the image
  2. body_text_1 to replace variable "" in body
  3. body_text_2 to replace variable "" in body
  4. body_text_3 to replace variable "" in body
  5. button_payload_1 to replace the payload for the first button
  6. button_payload_2 to replace the payload for the second button
  7. button_payload_3 to replace the payload for the third button


The following is an example of using an xlsx file for a broadcast receiver:

  1. select the message template to be used
  2. if you use the message template with the variable structure as above, you can create fields like the following:

Template Column Rules

the column type in the template must be of general type to avoid errors

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