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Whatsapp Business Solution is an innovative solution for businesses to streamline communication with customers and improve overall efficiencyGreentick WhatsApp on your business profileGreentick WhatsApp for your business credibilityImprove customer satisfaction with your businessWhatsApp blast to expand your customer reachCreate a chatbot to automate responses with WhatsApp Business Solution

Trusted by businesses in all types of industries

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All in one dashboard

Enhance Customer Relationships with the Streamlined Features of the Whatsapp Business Official

Feature 1: A centralized control panel to manage business communication with customers

Dashboard Management

This feature provides a centralized control panel where businesses can manage their communication with customers via the Whatsapp Business Official. It allows businesses to keep track of messages, send updates, and manage customer interactions.

Custom template

Simple Broadcast UI

Mobile App Available

Realtime reports

4 key benefits of Whatsapp Business Solution

WhastApp green tick, Unlimited WhatsApp blast, flexible chatbot, Whatsapp Business Solution integration

Lite (Recomended)

Customer service departement

IDR 299K

per month

Free 1000 Conversations


Chat Console

Message Template

Broadcast Report

Omnichannel Integration


Advanced customization and security


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Everything from Lite

Chat Console

24 hours support

Advanced reporting

Conversation Report


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